About Us

Welcome to Lagoonies, where the spirit of the Gulf Coast comes to life through high-quality, limited-run apparel. Born on the serene waters of the Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Lagoonies is more than just a clothing brand – it's a tribute to the free-spirited coastal lifestyle cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Our Story

Lagoonies was inspired by the laid-back, adventurous lifestyle of Gulf Shores. Each piece of apparel we create is a celebration of the outdoors, designed with love and respect for the environment. Our emblem, the majestic Great Blue Heron – affectionately known as FRED – captures the essence of Lagoonies. Like FRED, we stand tall, embracing freedom and nature's beauty.

Quality and Design

At Lagoonies, we are committed to quality above all else. Our performance shirts are made from a premium blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, offering moisture-wicking, UV resistance, and superior comfort. Our Comfort Colors shirts are crafted from 100% cotton, providing a soft and durable feel. Every item is designed to blend function and style seamlessly, perfect for boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the coastal outdoors.

Conservation Commitment

Beyond creating quality apparel, we are dedicated to giving back. A portion of our profits goes towards preserving the beautiful landscapes we call home. When you choose Lagoonies, you’re not just buying clothing; you’re joining a community that loves the Gulf Coast as much as you do. Together, we support conservation efforts to protect and preserve our coastal environments for future generations.

Community and Lifestyle

Lagoonies is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. We cater to adventurers, sunset chasers, and weekend warriors who find joy and solace in the coastal lifestyle. Our community thrives on shared experiences, a love for the outdoors, and a commitment to preserving the environment. We invite you to join the Lagoonies family and be part of a movement that values quality, community, and conservation.

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Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let's make every day an adventure worth remembering.

Stay comfortable, stay stylish, stay adventurous.

The Lagoonies Team

For any inquiries or more information, please contact us at contact@lagooniescoast.com